ITK5: Image analysis with artificial intelligence in C++, Python, and Javascript

Speakers: Matt McCormick, Ph.D. - Speaker Website
Kitware, Inc

Dženan Zukic, Dr.-Ing. - Speaker Website
Kitware, Inc


The Insight Toolkit (ITK) is a standard in academia and industry for medical image analysis. ITK is known for providing high-performance algorithms for many medical image processing software packages like 3D Slicer, ANTs, BRAINSTools, ITK-SNAP, and many more applications along with commercial applications. In recent years, the ITK developer community has focused on providing modern programming interfaces to ITK from Python, Javascript, and C++. Also, new artificial intelligence capabilities are possible by integrating ITK's proven spatial analysis architecture with deep learning tools. In this course, we present best practices for taking advantage of ITK in your imaging research and commercial products. Via interactive examples that attendees can run on their laptops during the course, they will learn how ITK can accelerate their research and commercial product development. We demonstrate how scriptwriting and interactive GUIs can be used to
access the algorithms in ITK and the multitude of ITK extensions that are freely available on the web. We also cover how to integrate machine learning tools with ITK to produce reproducible, interactive web applications for image segmentation, registration, and quantification.